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Destination(s) : Santiago Spain
Santiago de Compostela is the capital of the Region of Galicia in the north of Spain. Millions of people from all over the world come to this city every year, many of them reaching the end of the Way of Saint James pilgrimage route. It is a World Heritage Site for its beauty and importance.

The final destination on the Camino de Santiago

The city is the end of an ancient pilgrimage route, born in the 9th century, that use to link the city with the rest of Europe ever since. 

Every year many thousands of pilgrims from all over Europe start a journey on foot, by bike, or even on horseback, to live this experience that combines adventure and spirituality. The goal is the Cathedral in Santiago, one of the sacred cities for Catholics.  

In Santiago, gastronomy is an art and an active part of the culture of the city. There is a spectacular array of quality restaurants, bars and taverns where you can try the regional products, especially seafood, fish and beef. 

Santiago has a fun university atmosphere because of the 33,000 students who attend the university each year. They give the city a special atmosphere. Don’t miss the nightlife in Santiago, when its pubs, bars and clubs open their doors. The city never sleeps and has nightspots and terrace bars for all tastes.

Santiago has many parks and gardens but the best is in its surrounding area, where mountains and forests with luxuriant vegetation await. They are the perfect setting for a range of sports such as hiking, fishing and golf. 

Santiago has an impressive year-round program of events: music, conferences, theatre, film, concerts, exhibitions, festivals... Entertainment and art are always to be found, in the city's museums and at a host of other venues too. The main traditional celebrations happen in July where custom and folklore, Music, color, dance and games fill the streets and squares.

The climate of Santiago is typical of the Spanish Atlantic coast: wet winters with frequent rains which, in light or heavy bursts, lasts from October to May. 

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