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Destination(s) : Cordoba Spain
Cordoba is a small size city in the center of Andalucía in the south of Spain. It is a thousand-year-old city and a living legacy of different cultures that settled there throughout the history.

Cordoba was the capital of Hispania Ulterior during the Roman occupation and the capital of the Islamic caliphate, named Qurṭubah (قرطبة). Therefore, Roman, Islamic and Spanish culture and traces can be found in every corner of the city.
The splendor of the city is enhanced because of the intellectualism and it was where figures like Seneca, Averroes or Maimonides were born.

If you walk round the historic quarter you will discover a beautiful network of small streets, alleyways, squares and white-washed courtyards surrounding the Great Mosque-Cathedral, which reflects the city's prominent place in the  Islamic world during medieval times. 

Despite its splendid past, Cordoba is definitely a modern city that has been able to adapt to the present day, offering the most modern infrastructures and services, as well as a large network of hotels. 

Cordoba is also synonymous with art, culture and leisure, thanks to a myriad of cultural events that are organized here throughout the year: Flamenco festivals, concerts, ballet and other activities that are complemented by a number of museums and an exciting nightlife.  

Meanwhile, the province is home to important buildings of the Andalusian heritage, whose highest expression is the ruins of the Medina Azahara, located on the outskirts of the city. 

There is also a great spectacle also for nature lovers. The parks of Sierra de Cardeña in Los Pedroches and Montoro, the Hornachuelos Sierra and Sierras Subbéticas offer the possibility of practice all kinds of open-air sports, while at the same time enjoying the natural wealth of this province.

Ferociously hot in mid-summer, Cordoba’s climate is at its best in autumn.

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